Need & Reality

Explosive demand and growth of blockchain technology has made it as the second hottest desired skill in the job market today.  According to Indeed job portal, the salary estimate for blockchain talent is between $ 85,000 to $ 125,000. While blockchain is the hottest skill in the job market, many fintech companies and other industry experts complain about the lack of available talents for the same. Since this is the fastest growing emerging technology, there needs to be an adequate up-skilling with shortest turnaround time.

Staffing Mastery

Our efficient and comprehensive process of identifying, up-skilling, assessing, certifying and staffing is the best workable model to meet the ends of demand supply gap. With our subject matter mastery on blockchain, our credibility of 20+ years of rich experience in professional training and coaching industry & brilliant talent management team, we have put together process and people to bridge the demand supply gap innovatively. We make the chain work for you.