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Course Features

  • Course Duration: 2 Days
  • Participant Materials: E Book
  • Ticketed Support: Yes
  • Certificate: Yes
  • Location: ICI / Clients Location
  • Delivery Type: Classroom
  • Hands On: No
  • Participant Portal: 1 Year
  • Prerequisites: No
  • Skill Level: Beginner
  • Participants: 320
  • Community Access: No


Course Description

This is the most comprehensive and well designed course for functional and technical executives to get started with Blockchain technology and leaves them empowered to create a roadmap of where and how they can use this technology in their lives & businesses. This course quickly helps you to be at an advantageous position in the emerging decentralized economy.

Course Outcomes

Strong Understanding
Acquire a strong understanding of what blockchain is (functionally, strategically & technically)
Limitless Possibilities
Get present to its limitless possibilities and become wise about its limitations
Inside Out
Gain insights of how blockchain works
Broad Understanding
Broadly understand leading blockchian implementations - ethererum and hyperledger
See it for yourself
Get thrilled with live demos of setting up own blockchain network for the first time and deployment of real smart contracts
Create a road map
Get accurate comparison of different blockchain implementations to enable appropriate selection for the specific business need & create your own blockchain road map


Blockchain Disruptions

Course Pre-requisite

This course is a great beginning for everyone who is curious and passionate to learn and use the blockchain technology to their advantage.

Course Contents

Module 1 - Introduction to Blockchain

    • Blockchain finally explained
    • Defining factors of blockchain
    • Past, Present and Future of blockchain

Module 2 - Overview of Cryptocurrency

    • Defining cryptocurrency
    • Types of cryptocurrency
    • Overview of leading currencies
    • Currency trends and figures
    • Trading of cryptocurrency
    • Overview of ICO – Initial Coin Offer

Module 3 - Blockchain – Deep Dive

    • Blockchain Vs Traditional database
    • Explaining distributed ledger
    • Overview of cryptography
    • Keys as identity
    • Understanding transaction in a distributed network
    • Peer to Peer network
    • Validation of transactions
    • Building blocks
    • Chaining of blocks
    • Data structure of blockchain
    • What is Smart contract and how it works
    • Digital tokens
    • Blockchain ecosystem
    • Types of blockchain

Module 4 - Mining & Consensus

    • What is mining?
    • Who are miners?
    • How mining works?
    • Miners resources and rewards
    • Consensus algorithm
    • Various consensus mechanisms

Module 5 - Ethereum

    • Introduction to ethereum
    • What is ether?
    • Transactions in ethereum
    • The ethereum ecosystem and DApps
    • Introduction to solidity
    • Ethereum Smart Contracts
    • Future of ethereum
    • Instructor demo of setting up private ethereum network and deploying first smart contract

Module 6 - Hyperledger

    • Introduction to hyperledger
    • Hyperledger architecture
    • Introduction to goLang
    • Chain code
    • Instructor demo of setting up network and deploying chaincode

Module 7 - Overview and comparisions of various blockchain implementations

    • Overview of various blockchain platforms (ethereum, fabric, sawtooth, multichain, R3, corda, bigchain DB)
    • Comparison of blockchain platforms
    • Limitations of blockchain

Module 8 - Real life use cases

    • Use cases from various industries
    • How blockchain is expected to disrupt government and economy
    • Live demo of Happy Coin Application (in-house application)

Module 9 - Personal roadmap around blockchain

    • Brain storming session to facilitate idealization of implementing blockchain in your businesses


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    Got clear insight into important characteristics of Blockchain Technology. Helped me to prepare a clear strategy on how to use this Blockchain technology in my business

    Blockchain has the potential to change the world and I’m happy that I got trained from Blockchain Experts to keep me updated.

    Wonderful platform with classroom training to get a better understanding of this new technology. Got a clarity on how to use this technology in our business


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