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Blockchain Technology is one of the recently emerged technology and certainly one of the ingenious inventions of the era.  It is technology evolved in such a manner to provide security to the different industries against the cyber threats. It is a framework which allows creating a ledger that is easy to use and very difficult to break or manipulate. As it accomplished with cryptography, decentralization and bunch of other related items.

A career in Blockchain Technology is considered as one of the highest paying jobs and is full of opportunities; particularly when the technology recognized at the global platform. The pool of talented blockchain Implementation Engineers working in various sectors shows that it can take a person to higher levels. The career scopes for the Blockchain technology experts would be many, so a few of them are Consultant, Developer, Full stack developer, Architect, Investor, Trader and more. Due to a lot of distinctive features and the number of available benefits to the different sectors of this technology. There is a huge need or demand for the technology experts. According to the latest assessment, it has assessed that the job market for this technology will boom up to 200% in the nearby future. So, it is one the most potential career option for the job seekers out there.

Opportunities for the blockchain implementation engineers

There are a variety of blockchain related roles that different businesses are hiring these days. We have curated a list of available prospects where the demand for jobs is coming from:

Blockchain start-ups and consortium:

With the many new blockchains startup and consortiums emerging with this technology, it opens the doors of opportunities for the experts of the blockchain technology. They work to provide some distributed systems to their clients, by solving the challenges and complex problems faced in the banking using this technology. These start-ups are providing the foundation blocks for the technology and also attempting to create the blockchain standards in the financial sector.

Renowned Technology firms:

Large and famous tech firms are in the process of developing products or services which supports the blockchain development models. Therefore, the firms like IBM, Microsoft, Intel, and Fujitsu are in need of the blockchain experts who all can become the part of their developer’s team.

Banks and large private financial firms:

Blockchain Implementation is an advanced technology, which is proving to be quite beneficial for the banking and financial sector. They are using the technology for securing the digital transactions, customer due diligence regulations, managing the trade finances where the payment will automatically release with the movement of goods around the world, automating the back office functions for secure settlements and clearances, etc. Therefore, the renowned and leading banks and private financial institutions are in the process of building a team of blockchain specialists so to manage the aspects of this technology.

Government sector:

This technology is also very beneficial for the governments to operate or manage their resources in an efficient manner. The governments are using this technology to maintain the trusted information of nationals, organizations, assets, and other activities. It is also be used by the national agencies for keeping the records which includes birth or death records, additional related information about the economic status, business licensing, property records and any criminal activities, etc. So in such scenarios, there is number of opportunities which is available in the government sector for the blockchain technology experts.

Professional services or consulting firms:

The big consulting firms of the world which are also known as big 4 are also in the stage of developing their team of blockchain experts so that they can able to advise their clients and manage their business accordingly.

Our Blockchain Implementation Courses in Bangalore are specially designed to help those people who want to move ahead according to the pace of latest technology. Since the number of opportunities in the above sectors or fields is stringent for those, who can be referred as blockchain experts or specialists to grow their skills by serving in such different industries. We highly recommend enrol yourself in a professional Blockchain certification course in Bangalore which can help you in understanding the traits required to serve such sectors.

Salary expectation for Blockchain developer

As due to this emerging technology need or high demand in the job sector and with the less supply of the technology experts or talents. The businesses are willing to pay more for this technology experts. The rate or pay may vary according to the role of the blockchain developer in the industry.

  • On an average, the fresher of blockchain technology will get around 5, 00,000- 15, 00,000 INR per annum in the job market.
  • For the middle-level experts who all are having an experience of 3- 6 years will get an average of 18,00,000- 50,00,000 INR per annum in the job market.
  • For the experienced engineers will easily able to grab from 60, 00,000 onwards and can also get a much higher package for some special cases.

The figures provided above are according to the average taken for the different roles according to the experience of the experts. The amount may vary according to the nature or part of the job and also with the industry too. Every industry wants to get the best of the talents or expert for their businesses so to take advantage of this incredibly innovative and beneficial technology which merely help the industry or firms to make more profits with fewer investments. It further secures their database and assures the management that the economic system of the company is working fine and efficiently.


So as we discussed the salary and opportunities available for the experts and fresher’s of blockchain technology. It helps in clearing all the doubts and scares of the potential technology experts who are thinking to do or join the further training courses in the blockchain technology so to become the experts of the technology. Hence, we would like to advise you that don’t wait more and become a valuable asset to yourself with this technological advancement. You can opt to enrol in a certificate course in Blockchain advancement or can also choose for a short-term course which can give you an insight of Blockchain implementation in Bangalore. Take the next step towards your future and enrol today.

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